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PlyGo, the foldable and ergonomic solution:
for all laptops and tablets, inside all bags, supporting you everywhere.

PlyGo is the only small stand in the world that allows to position tablets, laptops and books above the abdomen and laps while resting, for a comfortable and posturally correct use on bed, sofa, armchair.

PlyGo is the only small stand able to support laptops, tablets, e-readers, books and smartphones of all sizes, while on bed or at the desk.

By lifting PC laptops in the air, above tables, cloths, carpets, blankets, cushions… PlyGo insures them an excellent cooling, so extending their lifespan.

PlyGo  is the only stand that can be adjusted in height (from 2 to 32 cm), in width (from 28 to 50 cm), and in the inclination of its supporting base (all angles), for a comfortable and ergonomic use when lying down, or sitting at the desk.


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