The Original Foldable Stand

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the foldable and ergonomic solution: for all laptops and tablets,

inside all bags, comfortably supporting you everywhere



PlyGo is Portable

The Original Foldable and Portable Stand follows laptops and tablets everywhere.


PlyGo is one of the smallest (24x3x3 cm3) and lightest (300 g) portable stands.


PlyGo is Comfortable

So to avoid unhealthy postures, pressures and overheating.


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Go is Adaptable

Designed to support laptops, tablets, books, trays ... on beds, sofas, desks ...


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The cool, ergonomic, foldable & portable laptop stand.

    64 Euro + shipping costs

PlyGo is a new, ergonomic and portable stand for laptops and tablets that is unique, patented, multi-functional, lightweight, and foldable in 24 cm and 30 sec.


PlyGo is strong, stable, comfortable and adaptable to support laptops, tablets, other electronic devices (and books), while avoiding their overheating.

PlyGo is a cool, plank-free aluminium stand, whose foldable arms hold and lift up laptops in the air, allowing an excellent cooling, and a comfortable, healthy and ergonomically correct utilization on beds, sofas and tables.




PlyGo, the stand on which work meets comfort, duty meets leisure, and dependence becomes freedom and mobility.


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